One Wednesday morning not too long ago one of our customers PBX phone system stopped working.

That right the NBN had disconnected the PSTN lines from their business. They had been told numerous times by us that this was going to happen, however, they thought that their big telco would give them one last phone call before the cutoff.  Unfortunately, that was not the case and on the last day of the phones fell silent.

The big teleco was then on the phone trying to sell them a new phone system and NBN etc, that from our experience would have taken weeks to implement.

They gave us the go-ahead to put a 3cx Phone system in at lunchtime and by 4 pm we had the phones ringing again. However, we are still battling to get their main number back and they are running on a temporary number for now.

Please don’t leave it till the death knock to get your phones switched over to NBN.  Give Biztel a call we can put in a feature-rich phone system that will improve productivity and your companies professional image.

No matter what size business give Biztel a call you will not be disappointed as will install an agile phone system that can change as your business needs change.