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Simplifying Communications

Simplifying your communication needs is our speciality, with one of our plans you have a fully functional dedicated PBX.  All you need to decide is the equipment you want in your office, it can be desk phones or just headsets.  In our plans we have bundled, your calls, your 3cx PABX license and your 3cx cloud hosting to make it easy to understand. If you are a small business and want to be able to make 2 calls at once then you need a SIP2. If you are a larger business and want to make 32 calls at once then you need a SIP32.

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Basic Setup Includes:
  • Installing 3cx in the cloud
  • Installing license into 3cx
  • Setting up backups
  • Creating users (up to 3 times more than SIP channels ordered)
  • Setting up voice mail
  • Sending the welcome email to users so they can install the app
  • Basic Call flow Ring first group of phones if not answered after 15 seconds more phones can then be made to ring
  • Setting up button to switch to afterhours voice mail
  • Setting up music on hold if purchased through us
Biztel can quote of the following items for you
  • Desk phones
  • Onsite setup of phones
  • POE switch to power phones
  • Setup Call recording
  • Cloud storage for the call recording
  • Complex phone routing, Press 1 for etc
  • Porting phone numbers
  • Extras include: Creation of hold music, unlimited updates and remote management
  • Unlimited call plans are for standard office use and fair use policy applies
  • All costs are pre-paid via Direct debt
  • Full terms will be provided on the quote for services

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