It was a Wednesday like any other for this north of Perth medical centre, phones were ring and people were making appointments and sick people were pouring through the door. Then the phones did not ring for a while, that while turned into one hour then two hours. Appointments were drying up and they knew something was wrong. The NBN had cancelled the phone number and after hours on the phone to the countries largest telco, they were told that they would be put on a priority list to be reconnected. On Thursday many of the doctors had vacant appointments and the takings for the day were well down. Still no news from the big telco. Fabio Suffell director of Biztel heard about this at 7 pm Thursday night and rang the owner of the medical centre and offered to get a new phone system into the practice the next day. That night Fabio drove to the office picked up 4 phones and delivered them to one of the engineers who overnight setup the phone system. We had the phones installed and working by 9 am. That afternoon we reminded the owner to call the big telco who had not contacted them yet and cancel the priority listing because we had the phones running. We are a small IT company with only 20 employees, that means we are agile, care for our customers and can make decisions that the big telcos cannot. We live by our motto Exceptional Service, Reliable IT. This medical centre was not a customer of Qbit or Biztel when the phone system stopped working, we now look after all their phones, internet and computer systems. No matter what size business give Biztel a call you will not be disappointed as will install an agile phone system that can change as your business needs change.